An Appisode

Discover fascinating cultures, enchanting lands, and a new love for helping those most in need.

Our appisodes are a download ready adventure travel story that is filled with photos, video clips, recipes, and web links for further research. Each appisode includes an optional audio track so readers can experience the entertaining accents of featured characters in every adventure.

Each exciting appisode is geared towards kids 8 to 12 years old and takes place in a different exotic location around the world, by mixing photography, adventure, suspense, and high tech travel gear, with an incredible missions project making a positive difference in the lives of the children featured in the story. Kids will have their worlds open up and hearts expand.

Join David on his next photo assignment overseas, and experience fascinating cultures in distant lands, through the eyes and lives of the boys and girls 8-12 years old that dd photographs along the way.

The Vision

To Bring the Stories of Missions to a New Generation.

The vision of dd Adventure Books is to help kids realize the special gift they have been blessed with, to activate and develop that special gift, and to learn how to use it to make their world a better place.

Through showing examples from David’s own life experiences and photo assignments in over 132 countries, our goal is to get kids excited about being an active member in the world they live in, and help them enjoy understanding new and exciting life experiences.

“My goal is to share my incredible life experiences and adventures as a professional photographer with your kids, and encourage them to reach for the dreams in their hearts.”

“Now it’s time to share these adventures with you…"

- David Dobson

David Dobson

The Camera has been my window to the world. Now, I want to share these stories and inspire kids to have a deeper love for missions.

Growing up as a missionary kid in the visually stimulating and culturally diverse cities of Calcutta, India and Cairo, Egypt, David Dobson learned the skill of communicating and sharing memories at a young age. Receiving his first camera at age 8 in Calcutta, David quickly realized that the camera was his key to unlock the doors of adventure which lay around every corner.

On the night of his high school graduation, with camera in hand and an inviting world ahead of him, David set out from Cairo on his first trip around the world and never looked back. David Dobson has invested his life in shooting on assignment in over 132 countries promoting projects helping children and those most in need.

Using his many amazing life experiences, and his talent as a visual story teller through the dd Adventure Book Series, David Dobson continues to focus on encouraging and inspiring the next generation of world travelers, adventurers and kingdom builders.

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Every great adventure starts with an idea, a passion to go where no one has gone before. But the reality is, no one travels alone. It takes supporters and backers to make an adventure happen. We have a team of creatives ready to make dd Adventure Books a reality, all we need is your help.

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